How To Save Money On Web Hosting

Gru having his lightbulb moment on web hosting

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Web hosting is a vital part of owning your own website, I know that won’t have come as a shock to you but how much web hosting you actually need probably will.

Gru having his lightbulb moment on web hosting

Gru having his light bulb moment on web hosting

Before I started out working online I was a normal, trusting individual and presumed that when a web hosting company provided me and charged me for 500MB of web space that was how much I was going to need. I normally went with the smallest packages as they were the least expensive and always ended up with loads of space left over. There really must be millions of web sites with so much unused space.

I know that websites will need more space over time and they will also need more monthly bandwidth as the visitors and page views increase each month, but to be honest very few small business need a massive amount of online web space. And you can always increase the amount of web space and bandwidth over time.

Just so you know;

  • 1024 Kilobytes (KB) = 1 Megabyte (MB)
  • 1024MB = 1 Gigabyte (GB)

Hopefully I am not making your head explode, but I do like numbers, they appeal to my logical side and if you are like me and like to know how things work as a whole then hopefully this will help you have a lightbulb moment. (Obviously that has to be said in the voice of Gru from Despicable Me)

How to save money on web hosting is all about buying what you need.

How Much Web Space Do You Really Need?

Web space is the amount of space your website takes up being online.

If you are planning on using WordPress as your content management system (it’s free) to create your website you will need for a typical wordpress site 5-15MB of web hosting and approximately 20KB per page on your site.

If you have 100 pages on your site you will need approximately 2MB space for your pages.

You will also need space for your images on your site too, 6 images needs approximately 1MB.

So, if you want a really small site to tell the world a little about you and your business you really don’t need that much space.

Which is why we have set up a hosting package with 25MB of space. Perfect for small businesses.

How Much Monthly Bandwidth Do You Need?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that transfers between your website, your visitors and the internet. The more visitors and page views you have in a month the more bandwidth you will need.

If you like numbers you can work out how much you will need using this formula;

Daily visitors x Daily page views x Average page size x 31 

Work out your average number of daily visitors and page views, it would be safe to say an average page size of 40KB would be a good size content page with a couple of images and 31 is the most days you can have in a month.

e.g. 10 daily visitors x 40 page views x 40KB x 31 = KB = 1984000KB

1984000KB divided by 1024 = 1937MB

With that calculation our package that provides 2000 MB of bandwidth a month would be perfect.

Change Your Hosting Package

If you find that you need more space and bandwidth as your site is attracting more visitors then we can easily increase it for you.

Also if you find that your hosting provider is not being as flexible as you need for your business or blog then we would be happy to have a chat through your options.

You don’t want to go too small either as this would have an effect on how your visitors see your site, it may end up being too slow and that would put them off.