How Your Business Blog Increases Sales

reasons to blog for business

February 12, 2015 | Posted in Blogging For Business | By

You have probably heard that a blog is an important part of your website and when you remember, you add a post.

 But why is having a blog an important part of promoting your business?

There are five main reasons;

  1. It helps position you and your business as the expert – the go to person who knows everything that is needed to know
  2. It builds a relationship with your customers and potential customers
  3. It helps to build your brand awareness
  4. It helps with your search engine rankings as you will have fresh and engaging content being added to your site
  5. It increases the traffic to your site

Just having a blog as part of your site is not suddenly going to do all of the above. You will need to work on your blog and write engaging useful and unique content. Try and post a blog post at least once a week and share it on social media and in your newsletter.

Not convinced you need a blog?

Here are some stats for you;

  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads
  • Interesting content is one of the top three reasons why people follow brands on social media
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages – which means more ways potential customers can find you

Source: Social Media Today

What Do You Write About On Your Business Blog?

Write blog posts about what your customers are looking for;

  • Think about the questions that you often get asked by your customers and answer them on your blog by making them into an interesting article with images and extra info.
  • What is the latest news in your industry? Can you write a blog post that is a bit controversial as this has a bigger chance of being picked up by social media.
  • Look at your keyword research and see what your potential customers are searching for online.
  • Your posts can include video clips as well, this would be a great way to show what your products or services are really like.
  • You can also introduce your team on your blog – a day in the life or who answers your calls and why you are all the best at what you do.

Researching, writing and keeping your blog up to date will take time but it is worth it.

If you find that you are a bit short on time but want all the benefits of having a blog we can help by writing posts when you need them and we can also manage your blog for you.

Please get in touch.

reasons to blog for business



Little Web Hut Begins

Little web hut

February 25, 2014 | Posted in Little Web Hut News | By

The Little Web Hut has been a dream of mine for the past 8 years, during that time I have been creating my own content rich websites, managing online businesses and learning the dark art of attracting visitors to my sites without spending any money.

Well, it’s not really a dark art but when you first start out, it can seem overwhelming as there is so much to learn and the terminology doesn’t make it easy. I wanted to find a place to share what I have learnt, what has been successful and what to avoid when you have an online business.

packing boxes

Packing boxes!

The biggest one to avoid, if you can, is packing boxes in your garage during the freezing cold winter months, unless you have a large number of layers! I sold that business to a lady with a much bigger garage than me!

Thankfully there is a heater in The Hut so sub zero temperatures are not so much a problem now and my lovely cat LC likes to keep me warm in there too.

If you need a hand with your online business, from getting you online to increasing the traffic to your site I would love to help.

You can get hold of me via email and I will get back to you.

Here is to your online success!