What Is The Point Of Pinterest?

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March 31, 2014 | Posted in Social Media Management | By

I had a funny twitter conversation last week that has been bugging me. It all started when someone asked what were the best traffic sources to attract more traffic to wedding sites and since I look after one particular wedding site, Cheap Wedding Solutions, I  felt I was in a good place to share my experience.

So I shared the usual; search engines, facebook, twitter and pinterest and left it at that. However, quite a few people couldn’t believe that pinterest was that useful,

they couldn’t see the point

I know, shocking! Well probably only shocking if you have started using pinterest.

For those of you that don’t know, pinterest is a social site where you share your favorite images and you pin the images to boards that you create.

For pinterest to help drive traffic to your site you need to have a lot of images. It works really well for gift sites, weddings, interior design, gardening, cooking, babies, fashion, hair and beauty, sport, books  – life basically. If your site is about life then it is a good idea to have a pinterest account.

Pinterest also works really well for coaching, marketing and business advice – just think of all those inspirational quotes on fab images and infographics. Most things can bee made into an image.

How To Set Up Your Own Pinterest Account

  1. Go to pinterest and register with either your facebook account or with an email.
  2. Set up your account as a business account as you will then be able to use the analytics to see which of your pins are the most popular.
  3. You will then be asked what you are interested in which will personalize your experience and show you images within those sectors.
  4. Next, go to your profile and add new boards themed to your important keywords.
pinterest boards

How to add new boards on pinterest

How To Attract New Followers & Traffic

If you are using pinterest to gain new followers, fans and ultimately more traffic and customers to your website you will want to pin images that you know they will love.

Here are my top tips to get lots of new followers

  • Add the pin it button next to all your images on your site, so visitors can share them for you.
  • Pin great looking images from your site on to themed boards
  • Pin other peoples images to your boards
  • Like other peoples images and leave comments for them
  • Follow people that are pinning similar images to you.
  • And then repeat!

As you use pinterest more, you will start to be invited to pin to other people’s boards, definitely accept the invites as you will then be able to share your images with their fans. But just like all social media, keep it real and pin other people’s images too.

If you need help setting up your pinterest account and boards, or you would like someone to help you build your followers as you don’t have time, please get in touch.