Little Web Hut Begins

Little web hut

February 25, 2014 | Posted in Little Web Hut News | By

The Little Web Hut has been a dream of mine for the past 8 years, during that time I have been creating my own content rich websites, managing online businesses and learning the dark art of attracting visitors to my sites without spending any money.

Well, it’s not really a dark art but when you first start out, it can seem overwhelming as there is so much to learn and the terminology doesn’t make it easy. I wanted to find a place to share what I have learnt, what has been successful and what to avoid when you have an online business.

packing boxes

Packing boxes!

The biggest one to avoid, if you can, is packing boxes in your garage during the freezing cold winter months, unless you have a large number of layers! I sold that business to a lady with a much bigger garage than me!

Thankfully there is a heater in The Hut so sub zero temperatures are not so much a problem now and my lovely cat LC likes to keep me warm in there too.

If you need a hand with your online business, from getting you online to increasing the traffic to your site I would love to help.

You can get hold of me via email and I will get back to you.

Here is to your online success!